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How is iCaptcha3D different from other online security solutions, for example Google's reCAPTCHA v2 or v3?

iCaptcha3D is a unique and fully automated challenge–response technology. iCaptcha3D takes advantage of the fact that humans process pictures and sounds using their brains, so it's very effective and accurate in preventing bots/machines from abusing your online forms and other web resources.

iCaptcha3D generates all challenge-response tests randomly and without the need to rely on a huge precompiled database of images or media files — which cannot be said of other existing CAPTCHA solutions. Therefore, the number of unique challenges iCaptcha3D can generate is virtually unlimited. In a way, one can think of iCaptcha3D as an automated system (good bot) designed to keep other automated systems (bad bots) away.

iCaptcha3D does not use any "fuzzy" logic, or constantly monitor behind the scenes what the user is doing or how they are interacting with your forms and/or pages. Unlike other CAPTCHA solutions, we DO NOT collect information such as the user's geographic location, mouse movements, scroll position, keypress events, touch events, gyroscope or accelerometer data etc. In other words, we do not spy on your users in any way.

We have no interest in your user data either, which means we don't collect, analyze, store or sell your data to advertisers and third parties.

Last but not least, iCaptcha3D is also fun to play. We think that can make your web forms a bit more human/user-friendly and interesting too.

How long is a typical iCaptcha3D session?

Most humans can solve the presented challenges in 30 seconds or less. Returning users can solve it in approximately 15 seconds.

What controls the type of challenges shown to the user?

All iCaptcha3D challenges are generated randomly. There is no way to predict what type of challenge will be presented to the user ahead of time.

What web browsers does iCaptcha3D support?

iCaptcha3D works on all major desktop and mobile browsers. The following is a non-exclusive list of browsers that iCaptcha3D supports:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome on iOS
  • Google Chrome on Android
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (10, 11)
  • Apple Safari
  • Apple Safari on iOS
  • Android native browser

How does iCaptcha3D support users with visual or other impairments?

In addition to visual 3D challenges, iCaptcha3D also provides audio challenges for visually impaired users.

Is there a minimum age limit for humans to be able to solve iCaptcha3D?

Our testing shows that iCaptcha3D visual challenges can be solved by children as young as 4 to 5 years of age. Audio challenges become solvable by the time they learn to read, usually by age 6 or 7.

How can I customize my iCaptcha3D challenges?

All iCaptcha3D customization is done by setting the icaptcha3d_xtra parameter of the iCaptcha3D Widget Script. This is is a complex bit value field, in which different bits are used to customize different aspects of iCaptcha3D. See this article for more details.

What are the difficulty levels for the challenges? How are they selected?

Currently, iCaptcha3D has 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Strong. Generally speaking, all iCaptcha3D challenges associated with the same level will take most people about the same amount of time to solve.

The default level, Medium, is appropriate for the vast majority of users and applications. Most of the time you will not need to change it. The Easy level might be more appropriate in situations when your web form is not very likely to be abused by bots (e.g. various Sign-Up forms that ask users to provide personal data and/or payment information). The Strong level is suitable when you must be extra confident that the user is human (e.g. before allowing the user to download sensitive information, access confidential documents, files etc).

If you would like to change the default difficulty level for some of your forms, you can use the icaptcha3d_xtra parameter. See this article for more details.

Is iCaptcha3D user interface available in any language other than English?

Currently iCaptcha3D user interface (UI) is available in English only. This includes a very small set of UI labels, instructions and messages. French, Spanish and other languages will be rolled out throughout 2022. Customers will be able to specify the UI language by setting the icaptcha3d_xtra parameter of the iCaptcha3D Widget Script.

Note that iCaptcha3D challenges themselves (both visual and audio) are designed to be language and culture independent. So they are equally appropriate for users of any country or language.

Can I start with a Personal (Free) plan and later upgrade to the Business plan (e.g. in the event that I exceed 50 form submissions per month)?

Yes, you can upgrade at any point in time. You will be able to keep your existing site key, which means that you will not even have to make any configuration changes at your end once you upgrade.

Does iCaptcha3D count failed form submissions when calculating the monthly form submission limit of my protection plan?

No, only successful form submissions, i.e. those that pass the iCaptcha3D challenge-response test, are counted when checking if the monthly form submission limit has been exceeded.

Can I use the same iCaptcha3D site key from multiple domains?

If you are using our Business plan, you can use the same iCaptcha3D site key from 5 different domain names. If you are using our Advanced plan, you can use the same iCaptcha3D site key from 20 different domain names. And if you are using our Personal plan, you will need a separate site key for each domain.


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